Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Raw Milk Sources in PA

Recently the Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) rejected the latest Milk Sanitation regulations, sending them back to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) to be divided between those dealing with commercial milk and those governing the production and sale of raw milk for human consumption on smaller, community scale. We are lucky to be one of 10 states that can legally buy and sell raw milk.

When buying raw milk, you can choose from a farm with a permit to sell from the PA Dept of Agriculture or an uncertified trusted local source. The important factors are that the cows are primarily raised on pasture or grass fed, healthy and well cared for, and the milking and storage facilities are very clean. Raw milk that is sold under permit actually contains by law lower bacterial counts than pasteurized milk.

Author Sally Fallon writes on The Campaign for Real Milk's website:

"According to statistics posted at the US government’s Centers for Disease Control website, those consuming raw milk are 2.5 times less likely to contract food borne illness than those consuming pasteurized milk and 3.5 times less likely to contract food borne illness from consuming other foods.
Raw milk contains numerous components that kill bad bacteria and strengthen the immune system. In the infant, these components provide immunity for life to any pathogen to which the baby is exposed. These components are mostly destroyed, or greatly reduced, by pasteurization."

Below is a list of providers from a 2007 PASA publication, helpful because telephone numbers are included. Also, check out PA Dept of Agriculture's list of Raw Milk Permits and A 2008 Penn State fact sheet about raw milk sales can be found here.

Aaron Esh Lancaster 717-529-2273 Cow Milk
Alvin J.Stoltzfus Lancaster 717-442-9208 Cow Milk
Amos B.King Perry 717-536-0189 Cow Milk
Amos T Ebersol Lebanon 717-768-3652 Cow Milk
Apittehikan Farm Bucks 610-817-8533 Goat Milk
B M B Farm Franklin 717-369-3843 Cow Milk
Beula Land Jerseys Lebanon 717-865-7158 Cow Milk
Birchwood Farms Bucks 215-598-8633 Cow Milk
Bridgeview Dairy Chester 717-529-2770 Cow Milk
Camphill Village Chester 610-935-0305 Cow Milk/Bottled
Caprine Delight Adams 717-334-3263 Goat Milk/Cheese
Cedar Acres Lancaster 717-445-6973 Cow Milk
Clark & Elaine Duncan Crawford 814-425-2302 Cow Milk
Colonial Goat Dairy Lancaster 717-768-7492 Goat Milk
Coneibella Farm Chester 610-286-2967 Cow Milk
Conestoga Valley Lancaster 717-445-4305 Cow Milk
Country Side Dairy Lancaster 717-687-6565 Cow Milk
Country SunRise Lebanon 717-866-9112 Cow Milk
Creek Hill Dairy Dauphin 717-456-5184 Cow Milk
D B Messner Chester 610-942-4004 Cow Milk
David or Terella Rice Blair 814-832-3755 Cow Milk
Deans Farm Lawrence 724-944-7894 Cow Milk
Dianna Hersman Venango 814-437-1296 Cow Milk
Dove Song Dairy Berks 610-488-6060 Goat Milk/Cheese
Elmer & Martha King Centre no telephone Cow Milk
Fertile Valley Farm Lebanon 717-949-2935 Cow Milk
Frank White Allegheny 724-258-6564 Cow Milk/Bottler
Friendly Farm Lancaster 717-442-8745 Cow Milk
Green Acres Jersey Farm Lebanon 717-949-3555 Cow Milk
Green Valley Farm Lancaster 717-529-9031 Cow Cheese
Greenhills Farm Lancaster 717-786-8093 Cow Cheese
Hendricks Farm Montgomery 267-718-0219 Cow Milk/Cheese
Hilltop Meadow Farm Schuylkill 570-345-3305 Cow Milk/Cheese
Hoffman Holm
Guernsey Dairy Bedford 814-766-2496 Cow Milk
Hope Springs Farm Lebanon 717-445-0281 Cow Milk
John M & Erlaz Leid Lancaster 717-445-7522 Cow Milk
King Fisher Dairy Lancaster 717-361-0903 Cow Milk
Kleins Farmhouse
Creamery Northampton 610-252-0961 Cow Milk/Cheese
Lapp Farmstead Northumberland 570-758-5148 Cow Milk
M & B Farview Farm Berks 610-562-4912 Cow Milk
Mark J Stoltzfus Clinton 570-726-7799 Cow Milk/Bottled
& Cheese
Mark Lichtenstein Wayne 570-448-2658 Cow Milk
Melvin Franicola Westmoreland 724-446-5860 Cow Milk
Misty Creek Dairy Lancaster 717-656-1345 Goat Milk
Misty Meadow Farm Berks 610-488-0614 Cow Milk
Mountain View Farms Union 570-966-5952 Goat Milk
Mt.Glen Farms Bradford 570-297-2838 Cow Milk
Norma J.Warner York 717-993-2919 Goat Milk
Norman or Edith Sauder Berks 610-683-3561 Cow Milk
Orner Farms Inc Clear´Čüeld 814-583-7864 Cow Milk
Pasture Pure Dairy Juniata 717-694-3268 Cow Milk
Patches of Star LLC Northampton 610-570-1274 Goat Milk
Piney Ridge Farm Clarion 814-764-6289 Cow Milk
Pot O’Gold Dairy Warren 814-663-0921 Cow Milk
Robert Reinninger Union 570-966-3762 Cow Milk/Cheese
Schlitterler Farm Inc Lackawanna 570-842-1743 Cow Milk
Shellbark Hollow Farm Chester 610-831-0786 Goat Milk &
Goat Milk Products
Spring Bank Acres Centre no telephone Cow Milk/Bottled &
Cow Milk Products
Spring Creek Farms Berks 610-678-7629 Cow Milk
Stone Meadow Farm Centre 814-349-8841 Cow Milk/Cheese
Stone Ridge Farm Franklin 717-375-4035 Cow Milk
Swamp Crest Jersey LLC Somerset 814-267-9932 Cow Milk
Swiss Villa Dairy Dauphin 717-365-7116 Cow Milk/Bottled
Talmage Farm Dairy Lancaster 717- 656-0708 Cow Milk
Titus & Mabel Leid Lebanon 717-335-7885 Goat Milk
Toy Cow Creamery Lycoming 570-745-2391 Cow Milk
Travis Bountiful Acres Cumberland 717-486-3307 Goat Milk/Cheese
Twin Maple Goat Dairy Dauphin 717-362-2021 Goat Milk/Cheese
Warrior Run Meadows Northumberland 570-538-5175 Cow Milk
Wayside Acres Perry 717-567-9235 Goat Milk/Cheese
WentWorth Dairy Lancaster 717-548-3896 Cow Milk
Wil-Ar Farm Cumberland 717-776-6552 Cow Cheese
Wilson Farms Armstrong 724-545-6433 Cow Milk
Windswept Farm Northampton 610-264-0667 Goat Milk