Saturday, September 12, 2015

Onion Storage

Onions and shallots like to be cured and then stored.  They prefer cool and dry storage conditions with ventilation of course.  Right now, nowhere in our house or basement is cool, so they will have to settle for less.
Baskets of Cortland onions
Cortland onions
Red shallots Conservor from Johnny's Seeds
French shallot Zebrune from Seed Savers
The onions and shallots hung in bunches on our front porch for several weeks until cured/dried.  I then trimmed the tops and roots and rubbed off the dirty outer skins and stored them in baskets in the basement.  I think the real key is trying to keep the temperature moderate and constant, without big swings.  I learned that keeping them cool and then having to move them somewhere warmer once my "cool spot" got too cold last winter is what really set them to sprouting.  Makes sense.