Monday, June 22, 2009

Herbs Close By

This year is the first year in many that I have had a proper space to make a garden. While living in Boston last year, I had stashed a few pots of basil and cherry tomatoes on the patio behind our apartment building. Soon after, construction guys and gals put up scaffolding over them and started pounding the mortar out from between the bricks on the wall for some sort of renovation. The tomato plants found a new home with friends and the basil plants were stolen in the night soon after. Happily, here in Wilkinsburg, PA, a lot a few blocks away has let us tuck a few vegetable and herb plants into bed in the rear part of it. However, it is really nice to have some herbs close at hand for when one needs them all of a sudden in the kitchen. For that reason, we have stashed a few in pots and window boxes on the back porch, which also is where I like to live for as much of the summertime as possible! The catnip I keep hacked back to a bare minimum since it has the wish to grow into a tree. I have put it in with the mint for the same reason. I learned that most herbs, especially annuals like basil, grow better and taste better when you pick them real often. Cut a stem right above a leaf pair and a bushier plant will soon make itself known. They also seem to like it rough. That is, not too much water or richness in the soil. The little bitty cilantro I think I planted too late since I know they don't like the heat and they are growing as slow as molasses.






Mexican Tarragon

Sage, Rosemary, and Lemongrass


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