Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seedling Update

Here is an update on the seedlings I am doing my best to start in our bay window. After 5 days in the cupboard, the leeks had sprouted and were ready for light. A bit of mold formed on the wheatpaste that I used to construct the newspaper pots but I think it was just from too much moisture in the seed starting mix and not enough ventilation under the plastic that was covering them. Once that was removed, the mold cleared up in a day.

Jason helped me hang a shop light with two 48" 32 watt fluorescent bulbs and a reflective fixture. (I am trying Phillips "Daylight Delux" T8 bulbs...T5, T8, and T12 bulbs are all specific to the fixture so check before you buy.) In addition, I added some reflective clip lights with compact fluorescents...those won't give as much light but they can hopefully be a supplement. I put up some 4 mil plastic sheeting because the window was really drafty. I am hoping enough light can get through and the diffused light will definitely not burn the seedlings. Power runs from a power strip with 8 timed outlets to plug the lights into so they will run from 7am-11 pm. Last but not least, I plan to build some space age reflectors with aluminum foil and cardboard for even more light. With luck the leeks will like their new home!

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