Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Outside Home

These guys have finally left the porch where they have been slowly adjusting to outdoor life. They now live in the first scrap wood bed we built last year on a lot down the street from our house. It is just barely holding together. I tightened up the plants' spacing a bit but the bed is fairly deep and the soil is pretty good so i think they can handle it. From the first row to the back are teeny Champion Collards, Ermosa Butterhead Lettuce, Red Express Cabbage, and invisible rows of radishes and early and main crop carrots (I am trying Nelson and Bolero). Instead of sprinkling soil over the carrot seeds, I used damp leaf mold (chopped leaves a couple years old). I dampened the furrow first with the watering can, planted the seeds and pressed gently, then sprinkled over the leaf mold and pressed gently again. The soil is a clay soil so I know if it gets dry and forms a crust, those guys might have a tough time getting through. I think the leaf mold might be easier for them. Just to make sure, I planted some arugula right on top of them. They will hopefully push through first and can be picked as baby greens when the carrots come up and need the space. I hope they make it!

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