Saturday, March 20, 2010


I did not grow this cabbage but I am practicing for the cabbages I hope will come from the garden. It seems pretty simple:

1 SHRED cabbage

2 LAYER in bowl with seasalt (1-2 TBSP per LB)

3 TAMP as you layer with your fist

4 MIX along with any other vegetables or spices

5 PACK TIGHTLY in a crock or other container

6 PRESS to push out as much water as you can and
submerge the cabbage in its own brine

7 WEIGHT the cabbage so it stays below the brine
and does not contact the air

8 COVER to keep out dusties & WAIT until its ready (1 week +)

9 EAT!

10 VISIT this website to find out more

I used small plastic food grade buckets nested inside each other...the bottom containing the cabbage and the top filled with water to weight the cabbage and make any easy pressing tool to bring out the brine.

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