Monday, April 26, 2010

Wild Edibles Walk # 2

On Sunday, April 25, two friends and I went on a second walk with Melissa and David Sokulski of The Birch Center and Food Under Foot (see previous post for links). This time we were on the South Side under the Birmingham Bridge. Some things we saw...

MULBERRY TREE: The berries are edible and ripen around Father's Day. The unripe berries should not be eaten.


Melissa, David and their canine friend contemplate some pathside edibles.

JAPANESE KNOTWEED: The edible stalk is stringy and fiberous so peeling is definitely advisable.

COMMON MUGWORT: (Artimisia vulgaris) Appears to have many uses in herbal medicine, as an beer flavoring ingredient in the Middle Ages before the widespread use of hops, and as an inducer of more vivid dreams. It contains thujone which is toxic in large amounts and should be avoided by pregnant ladies. It is fragrant when crushed and since it is the second plant, along with burdock, that is absolutely overunning the lot we recently started gardening on, I can't wait to chop it all down and put it to use.

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