Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pickle Bed

Cucumbers! Last year when I tried to make pickles I failed quite miserably. I attempted to ferment a crock of them in salt water, old-school. I didn't get the hang of it. This time around, I am going for vinegar. I made a small batch of 5 quart jars and I will report how they taste or if I didn't screw them up in about a month.

Pictured below: Mexican Sour Gherkins are the teeny watermelon shaped guys. A view of the patch that includes 1 Parisian Pickling for cornichons, 2 Mexican Sour Gherkins, 3 Moscow Bush Pickle, and 1 Armenian cucumber just for fun. The little trouble maker pictured is a cucumber beetle. About 1/4" long, yellow and black and a carrier of cucumber disease. He and his mates have passed something nasty along to my plants, but so far the gherkins are unscathed.


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