Thursday, September 20, 2012

Garfield Community Farm Visit

After visiting with folks from Garfield Community Farm on Monday up in Mercer County, I decided it was a shame I hadn't visited them on site in Garfield sooner.  So, this evening I remedied that.   From Wilkinsburg, they are just a few neighborhoods over so I popped over and John, Cornelius and crew showed me around their lovely garden lots.  The farm hosts a farm stand, runs a CSA, and supplies both the community of Garfield and Salt of the Earth restaurant with abundant produce.  Neat.  Check out their website and facebook site here.

Farm time

Fish hot pepper.  Aside from Hinklehatz, one of my favorite peppers.
They know what's up at Garfield.

Herb spiral garden.

Huglekultur beds.
Rotting wood with dirt on top = eventual rich composty growing beds.

Folks work on prepping fall beds.  

Tomatoes under protection.  

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