Friday, January 17, 2014

The New Homestead

Well, I see July 19 was my last post.  Back in the saddle!  This summer Jason and I bought ourselves a little piece of heaven on a hill above the Edgar Thompson steel mill in Braddock.  A little 1/4 acre plot plus house that we like to call the homestead.  My plans for the next few years include feeding that clay clay soil with compost and cultivating a big garden and small fruit trees, amongst other things.  So, without further she is:

Home and lot from the street with shed (aka Jason's studio and wood shop)

Lot from the street.  As you can see it has a decent bit of slope.  The trees in the left corner are due south.

First order of business was to build some compost bins of course.  I'll give our step by step in another post.

The backyard

The friendly brush pile.

Setting fence posts along the back property line.

More fence posts.

More fence posts.  We went with black locust posts and welded wire farm fencing, but more on that later.

So, I'm tickled with our little spot and look forward to getting our garden on there.  The soil is clay and our soil test revealed some deficiency in phosphorus and potassium but no lead contamination.  For that, I am pleased.  Til next time! - Hannah

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