Friday, April 18, 2014

Chicken Update: 4 Weeks

Hey I know chicks are dusty but MAN is this batch dusty.  Feather dander and pine shavings have combined to form a coating of big time dust everywhere in the vicinity of the brooder, which is situated in a basement side room.  Luckily, there isn't much in that room except gardening stuff and tools, but we moved tools with moving parts away from this area before they became engulfed in this dust storm!

Be forewarned, this is a good reason to keep chicks in your basement or outside and not brood them in your house.  This severe dust coating makes me want to try out a different bedding material with the next batch and see if that makes any difference.  

Big Time Dust
More Dust
Clean that dust off the heat lamp for crying out loud (I did!)
The chicks were 4 weeks old Monday (so now they are almost 5!) and they are in their awkward teenager phase.  The are in a basement side room that gets some natural light but when I turn on the light when I come down in the morning, they really get jazzed up and do their morning calisthenics of flying around and awkwardly launching themselves into the walls of the brooder, where they make spirited crash landings.  Teenagers.    Anyways,  here are a few photos of  'em. Their different comb shapes are starting to really fill out, which is neat.  I have only had birds with pea combs and single combs before so it's neat to see the rose comb shape on the Dominiques and Wyandottes.  As soon as the coop is ready, out they go!  As big as the brooder is, I know they would love to have more room for their morning calisthenics.  And I would love to have them out of the basement!

Awkward Owl-Lookin' Teenage Chick

Yep, it's a rake.  Note to self, at 3 weeks, they really love to roost.  At 4 weeks, they love it even more!
Delaware in the front, Silver Laced Wyandotte in the back
The guys and gals
Chicks just Chillin'

Whoever can be highest in the brooder wins.  Top of the waterer is a fave spot (hence the little poop accumulation)

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