Saturday, August 2, 2014

Clucks, Corn, and Huacatay

August seems to be the time of year when I finally have a moment to step back and think "What is working and what is not on our little homestead?"  Some of my favorite things are all the flowers, how well the onions and winter squash are doing in the sheet mulched beds, and the chicken coop itself.  In need of improvement are the chicken area in general, the fact that our dog Ida squashes some plants here and there when she runs around because they are not protected, and getting our fall crops and fall deer preparations ready.  I have to give it to Ida though, she stays out of the garden beds no problem, its just the flowers on the perimeter that get a bit of a beating.  The goals for the chicken run: adding a chicken-sized door, making entering the run easier, creating a huglekulture area in the middle, creating 2 pasture areas that the birds alternate between every 2/3 weeks to save the grass, adding comfrey and other pasture crops to the area.

New Hampshire Red and White Rock at 20 weeks with open air coop behind.
Chicken area (coop is from plans from

My backyard hived swarm.  When I inspect I often use a pillowcase to cover the bees I am not working with and keep them chilled out.  

Jason shucking corn for the grill with Ida lurking in the background.  I can't wait to paint that brown cinderblock another color.  

Tagetes minuta/Peruvian Black Mint/Huacatay...antiviral medicinal herb in the marigold family.  A gift from friends and growing well!
Green Headed Coneflower with Visitor

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