Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Itty Bitty Garden Fence and Free Ranging Hens

I've been letting the hens out to free range when I have been working in the garden the last few days.  I constructed a little 2' high wire and tpost fence to keep the hens out of the garden. While they could easily hop the fence, they seem to have enough to keep them occupied outside it that they have not bothered yet.

Itty Bitty Fence 
Free Range Birds
"That's supposed to keep us out?  As if!"

I can't remember where I saw this root protection tip to foil chicken's claws
Hiding in the berries.  A favorite activity.
Mid Day Mix
How we do nest boxes
Tupperware dust bath: Peat moss with a little diatomaceaous earth and wood ash from the fire pit mixed in

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