Monday, October 27, 2014

Fermented Garlic Radishes Recipe

Fermented Radishes
The fermented radishes I made came out very well so I wanted to share the recipe.  It is very simple.

Scrub enough radishes to fill a 10 L crock or several quart jars.  Nestle 2 cloves of garlic per jar or 7 cloves in the crock.  Fill with radishes.  Pour a salt brine over under 1" above radishes.  (Brine = 4c filtered water and 3 T pure pickle salt).  Weigh down radishes.  If in a jar, use a plastic baggie and fill with brine once you stuff it in jar mouth (leave room for this).  The crock has its own ceramic weights to use.  Let fizzle for a week....then refrigerate, or move somewhere very cool.  These are great garlicky snacks, and a plus is that the salt brine draws out the color of the radishes to make a pretty pink display in the jar.  

Sliced Misato Rose Watermelon Radish
Misato Rose Watermelon Radish
Harsch Fermenting Crock

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