Friday, October 3, 2014

One Flock Explores New Territory, Another Loses Its Feathers

Our home flock of chickens has killed the grass in their run.  I knew this would happen unless I alternated them between runs so the grass could recover.  And, it has not recovered.  Too late, I have given them a new area to roam.  But luckily... I do have a plan.  The new chicken paddock will eventually be more garden beds, so they can kill the grass there to their hearts' would actually be helpful.  I plan to fence out areas of their old run so I can help them recover with reseeding of ryegrass and some comfrey plantings, and other undecided things.  In the meantime, they have their new paddock to scratch in and they love it.

Also pictured is the hens eating their weekly worm preventative.  I mix it with yogurt and they just adore it.  The mix of herbs supposedly keeps their insides inhospitable to worms, and so far, I have not had a problem with them.  

The news with the flock of Garden Dreams' hens is they are molting, so egg production has fallen off.   The shorter days of fall can signal to the hens..."Hey, it's time to loose all your feathers and renew them with new ones so you better stop laying eggs so you will have the nutrient reserves to do it!"  So, they look a little scruffy right now.  I am glad they are molting now, as a few of them molted in the dead of winter last year and I was worried about their little naked necks in the cold.  

That's all I can report from the world of cluckers. 

New Chicken Paddock
Chickens in their new paddock

Weekly Herbal Worm Preventative
Enjoying their herbs
The Garden Dreams flock is molting
Garden Dream Black Australorp hen molting

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