Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pallet Compost Bin

We built this 3 bay pallet compost pallet bin a year ago.  We used the far right bin to compost in for a year.  The middle bin is for storing higher carbon organic matter til needed (straw, leaves, weeds).  The far right bin now has a year's worth of compost in it, and we will leave it to age while we add to the far left bin.

Our 3 bay compost bin system

Lid only added when heavy rains are raining.  Compost needs a lot of water, so normally keep it uncovered.

Burlap keeps the contents of each bin in but allows airflow
A "sponge" of airy organic matter at the bottom of the compost prevents any leaching
Middle bin is "browns" storage:  leaves, leaf mulch, straw or weeds to add to the piles

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