Sunday, January 25, 2015

Half Ass Chicken Run

I've been wanting to build a covered space for the chickens to hang out in for awhile.  The problem is, I am an impatient builder.  I like to cut corners and do things "quickly" rather than "properly".  Got a job that should take several people several days to complete?  Great, I can do it by myself this afternoon! No problem!  I see this as a shortcoming and a positive trait.  Often I can get something done "good enough", though it may look a little, shall we say, unsightly.  

Wonky, wavy, welded wire
I want to improve my building skills.  What good skills to have, right?  But in the meantime, that doesn't stop me from doing a half ass job in the mean time.  So, this afternoon I built this jankety chicken run, sliding around in mud and chicken poop and having a grand old time.  This is not a run for your pinterest board folks.  This is a chicken run badly in need of support arches before the first snow load hits.  Granted, I drove out to Tractor Supply and tried to buy cattle panel for the arch supports, but they were about 1/4" shy of fitting in my truck bed because of the liner.  "I know!"  I thought, "I'll just use the leftover welded wire fencing roll we have for the arches and prop it up with all manner of supports including branches, a ladder, and hoops of aluminum conduit.  That'll work great!"

Don't have proper supports,? Just use a ladder!
"Bawk!  This run rules!"
Mud and Chicken Poop Slip 'n Slide
Tonight it gets cold and the ground should freeze solid and stay that way until Thursday, when it should be warm enough for a 2 person overhaul of the supports, hopefully adding some arched supports that will give the run an aesthetically pleasing appearance of a tube, instead of a lumpy plastic monster type shape.  

Despite its many shortcomings, the chickens seem to love it.

At least I did this right.  To attach plastic sheeting to a board, use 1" x 2"s and screws
"Hmmm, how does this work?"
Attached sheeting
Lumpy Run

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