Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chicken Feeder Invention

I'm sure someone has made something similar before, but I was pleased with myself when I made this chicken feeder to feed the chickens wet mash.  I often feed them wet feed, either fermented, or grains mixed with keifer, or the powdery dregs of what is in the hanging feeder mixed with some water so they will eat it.  You can't put wet feed in a hanging gets clogged up.  When you give chickens a dish of feed on the ground or on a cinderblock, they eat from it excitedly, then promptly knock it over, step in it, and/or poop in it.  I usually (partially) solve this by wedging the feeding dish between two heavy bricks, making it harder to knock over.  But, I wanted better.  So, from some vinyl coated welded wire and a deep, heavy metal dish I give you, the Mesh Covered Dish Feeder for Wet Chicken Feed.  It might need a catchier name if I ever wanted to market and sell it.

The point is, they can easily reach in and get some feed without stomping around in it and kicking it over.  The pan is a heavy metal, powder coated pan from Goodwill, so it is hard to knock over.

Of course, new ways of doing things often come with problems you don't figure on at first.  This has been in service a week and so far so good.  Time will tell if it is a good solution or if those chickens will find a way to kick it over and stomp in it.  

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