Monday, April 6, 2015

Woodchip Load

Got some woodchips dropped off today at our next door lot that we are working on eventually planting with flowers and perennials...Thanks Kruljac Tree Service!  I plan to lay down cardboard and do some more organic material terraces or "semi-swales", basically running sheet-mulching beds on contour topped with woodchips to start building soil, slow erosion, and increase organic matter.

Organic material "terraces"
The lot

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  1. Wow! Wait -- wan't there a house there once? So glad to see progress. I have passed your name on to Michael Hussin, he led the ban fracking group here and is now part of a group called Neighbor to Neighbor; Pelham residents who meet and work to support one another to lower carbon footprint and support practical sustainability. He is an amazing guy and your blog seems a wonderful resource for the group. Hope you hear from them.