Saturday, May 23, 2015

Evening Elderberries

iphone + dusk = grainy photos....buuuut, in any case,   The elderberry patch I planted last spring seems fairly happy and is ready to bloom soon.  I have Johns and Adams varieties as well as some wild elderberry plants.  My plan for the elderberries is to make a healing syrup for winter ailments, and of course leave a few for the birds (or maybe they'll leave a few for me).  To read more about the healing properties of the elderberry, read on here.  

Tallest elderberry on the left clocks in probably at about 8 feet tall.  Not bad for 1 year of growth!
Elderberries get overflow water from the rain barrel...they like it damp
About to flower
Of course when I planted my elderberries I had a bit of a mix up with labeling, so I know I have different varieties but as far as who is who, I haven't a clue.

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  1. On your website here the pictures don't look grainy, they are clear and lovely.