Monday, May 11, 2015

What's Happening in the Garden This Week

A heat wave has sent everything into Full Growth Mode.  Temps hovering around 90 degrees for the last several days.

My Ninebark shrubs have buds.  Looking forward to seeing what the flowers look like.
Soon to be squash patch...composted (kind of) chicken bedding where I'll plant the squash and and cover crop of oats and peas for the plants to ramble over.
My PA native azalea, Pinxterbloom Azalea 
A Red Buckeye tree I got from Tree Pittsburgh, and my beloved Greek Bay (in the clay pot)
Chicken Milk Moustache....drinking kefir again
Grumpy Broody Hen went through a few days in the dog crate and is now back to herself with the flock again
My sylvetta and chicory mix from Franchi Seeds

Greens: mustards, romaine, pak choi
Green Arrow shelling peas (on left) and Conservor shallots (on right)
This asparagus is 2 years old.  We harvested for 2 weeks and then let it grow.
Experimental winter rye and woodchip bed.  The Juliet tomatoes are thriving...all the other tomato varieties seem pissed off
Ice water helps beat the heat
Hot bees have been bearding out of the hive a little

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