Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's Happening in the Garden This Week

Bee Balm in full bloom
Streetside flower garden
an unknown red lettuce variety I want to save seed from
Experimental squash patch planted in chicken bedding doing well
"hot sauce" pepper patch
experimental tomato bed grown on woodchips doing pretty well
the vegetable and herb garden gone wild
Blue Boy bachelor button and overwintered carrots flowering
the garden
brown marmorated stink bug eggs and nymphs

hoppy chickens
garlic curing
harvested garlic early this year due to weeks of heavy rain and concerns of rot if we left it in the ground any longer
golden raspberry standoff:  Fall Gold on left has acidity, unknown sweet variety on right
Boyne red raspberry has been very productive with good flavor.  We froze a couple quarts of berries to make jam with later

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