Saturday, August 29, 2015

What's Happening on the Homestead this Week?

The nights have been cool, with very slim chances of much rain in sight.  It has been a very dry summer.  A crispness of approaching fall is in the air in the evenings.  The bees are making knotweed honey and I can smell it's rich aroma when I pass by the hives.

German Butterball potatoes with carrots and parsnips from our friends' garden
Long Island Cheese pumpkin
Tromboncino squash.  I liked picking these as small squash and using like zucchini
Boston Marrow squash
Hot Peppers: Maule's Red Hot, Burgarian Carrot, Trinadad Spice, Habanero, Criolla Sella, Golden Cayenne
Dried chile powders

Hops harvest (variety unknown)
Hops on drying screens

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