Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pickles (Before they have turned into Pickles)

Found a great pickle

I am hoping the pictured items from the garden can turn into salt pickles. Just ferment and then vinegar or sealing needed! Awesome. Bought some mustard seed and celery seed, and picked some dill. Packed everything tight in the jars with garlic and covered with brine. The sources I found made the brine with 1 TBSP salt (without iodine) per 2-4 C water. Dechlorinated water is recommended (brita filtered, bottled, or tap water left out for 24 hrs) so the chlorine doesn't inhibit fermentation. Check daily to make sure the vegs don't poke out of the brine...they need to stay covered but not tightly covered so the carbon dioxide can escape. Ferment a few days to a few weeks and then refrigerate. Bring on the pickles....I hope it works! For more information, such as health concerns and botulism (seems safe if you learn how it works and how long people have been using the technique), see Sandor Ellix Katz's "Wild Fermentation" book or website.

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